About Me

Hi! I am Arnav Kansal. I am passionate about Machine Learning, high-performance systems and their applications in technology and finance. In the past I have worked on the Linux Kernel, Low Level HFT software, x86 Simulators, recommendation systems, NLP, Economics of a small cafe, etc. In general, I like to solve challenging, real life problems.

My complete resume can be found here.

I am set to join Uber in their freight team this summer as a Software Engineer. I have been very lucky to experience the frontier of cutting edge tech be it at Tech or Financial firms. Last summer during my Masters at NYU Courant, I interned at Citadel Securities in their Low Latency Technologies team. Prior to that during my undergrad, I have also had the opportunity to work at Samsung Electronics on the scheduler of the linux kernel for one of their Android smartphones (Samsung C7) as a summer intern.

I am a graduate student at NYU, Courant School of Mathematical Sciences, where I am pursuing a Masters in Computer Science, where I am working with Professor Zahran on developing a self learning AI support for architecture which optimises tunables in the HW at runtime for any application. Before this, I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in Electrical Engineering. Back in IIT, I worked with Prof. Jayadeva on various aspects of machine learning(ranking systems) and recommendation systems. My thesis from IITD.

More information on my projects can be found on my GitHub Page.

My hobbies

I am learning to play an electric guitar and also like to cook in my spare time. I like to play soccer and enjoy running.

During graduate school, I was living in Manhattan, NY where I found a new love for coffee and here are some nice places to get coffee while in the big apple. Also, included are some brunch places I love!

I am always excited to know about the next generation video games and the latest gaming PCs that can be built to play them. I once successfully overclocked an Intel E8400 Dual Core to 4.0 Ghz from its base clock of 3.0 Ghz.

यथा चतुर्भिः कनकं परीक्ष्यते निकर्षणछेदनतापताडनैः ।
तथा चतुर्भिः पुरुषः परीक्ष्यते श्रुतेन शीलेन कुलेन कर्मणा॥

- Chanakya, 300BC
[English Translation] The test for purity of gold is performed by rubbing, heating, pounding and cutting. Similarly, the true characteristic of a person are revealed at the time of intense trouble. His manners, voice and actions will reveal a lot about him.